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An event that
celebrates wellbeing

Wellness wander

Experiences to celebrate wellness

Wellness wander

Australia’s first Wellness wander event in the Adelaide Hills was held in 2022. 

And after very successful events over the last two years, we are super excited for the 2024 program!

Wellness wander provides the opportunity to explore the best of wellness that this spectacular region has to offer. Local producers, soulful practitioners, and passionate restauranteurs will showcase a carefully curated selection of events and experiences that will be designed to enhance mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Visitors will meander through local markets to discover farm fresh produce and artisanal products, connect with nature and the local wildlife with walks, rides and forest bathing, and soulful practitioners will help soothe stress with indulgent, creative and mindful activities. 

You’ll find a diverse range of offerings so you can personalise your own wellness trail through the incredible Adelaide Hills across the  weekend!

The dates and program will be announced soon!

50 Events • 2 Days • 50 Events • 2 Days •

Wellness wanderings


Soak up the benefits of immersing yourself in nature. Whether it be energetic or leisurely, learning or play—you get to choose. Recharge and unwind while hiking, cycling, horse riding, forest bathing or connecting to Country.

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Learn + Create

Unleash your creativity or learn a new skill. Enjoy relaxing and mindful creative arts that help to ease a busy mind or go on a journey of self-discovery with workshops designed to help you expand your horizons.

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Relax + Unwind

For the ultimate indulgent ‘me time’ with a wellness twist. Let yourself be pampered or experience unique offerings designed to help you destress, recharge and reconnect with your body, mind and soul.

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Delight your tastebuds and nourish your soul with bespoke food and drink experiences crafted by the region’s finest artisans and producers. Taste your way around local markets, feast on fresh-picked orchard produce or immerse yourself in a relaxed farm experience.

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Find a luxury stay and rest your weary head in between wellness activities, escape for a scheduled retreat or bask in the solitude of an isolated cabin. Each accommodation option includes a bespoke wellness element.

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Adelaide Hills
31 March – 2 April 2023