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An event that
celebrates wellbeing

Wandering what to explore next?

Wellness wander is a weekend of local wellness experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Adelaide Hills is well known for its endearing towns, sprawling vineyards and delicious produce but the region is also a thriving wellness hub.

Over the years, the ingenious community of soulful locals have cultivated a collection of experiences designed to enrich your mental, physical and social wellbeing. With Wellness Wander, we have gathered the most inspiring wellness experiences in the area for you to pick and choose from over three days.

As a region that emphasises sustainability, the Adelaide Hills is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and take some time to rest, play and unwind.

Wander through picturesque nature and alluring local stores, explore charming farms, bliss out with bodywork treatments and meditations, take a journey of self-discovery, or allow your inner creative to come out to play. With activities for adults and children alike, there is something extraordinary for everyone to enjoy at Wellness Wander. Should you need a place to stay, we’ve selected some wellness-oriented accommodation, each offering something truly unique and special.

Wellness is a word that encompasses so much, so we’ve grouped Wander experiences into five different categories to support you to find exactly what you need.

Nature, Pamper & Relax, Provenance, Learn & Create and Stay. You may find some of the experiences crossover into multiple categories so you can often soak up the wellness benefits of more than one category at a time.

Wandering what Wellness Wander is all about?

Wellness Wander selects exceptional regions around Australia to deliver low impact, sustainable wellness events for both visitors and the community that celebrate local artisans, producers, creatives, and practitioners.

Partnering with tourism businesses and operators in the area, our mission is to support regional areas and local communities to embrace wellness! We showcase each region’s unique wellness offerings and empower businesses to expand what they currently offer to integrate wellness opportunities they might be missing. While Wellness Wander events may only run for a few days, each hosting region will be positioned as an incubator for wellness experiences, driving immediate and long-term visitor and community benefit. Our aim is to not only support local community health, wellbeing, and sustainability, but to promote the value of accessible wellness experiences for all and contribute to a thriving and resilient tourism community.

If you’re keen to discuss the possibility of hosting a Wellness Wander event in your local area, we’d love to connect.

“Our vision is a thriving and sustainable tourism industry that supports people to take a break and prioritise their own wellbeing.”
our vision from wellness wander team

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Adelaide Hills
31 March – 2 April 2023